CROATIA – GEM OF EUROPE, Full of Life and Full of Love

Introducing Mrs. Irena Rapoport, our Croatia Specialist Travel Advisor.

What a great adventure ahead if you plan to discover this small, but fascinating country. 

It is a real GEM OF EUROPE. Sometimes it is also called THE LAND OF WELLNESS.

We sincerely hope that you and your family members of all generations, from grandparents to kids, will fall in love with Croatia and will have a lot of fun. The joy of life can be experienced everywhere here. Croatia is among the 20 cleanest countries in the World, and it is on top security ratings. The people are very friendly and from the first steps in the airport, you can feel that you are very welcome.

The exciting history from the Paleolithic Age, presented in the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, to Medieval Castles and fortresses. There are more than 100 Castles and some of them have very special museums, taking us to the atmosphere of the 14th-18th Centuries. Croatia is famous for its Maritime development through the centuries and the World is grateful for the discoveries of prominent Croatian scientists and engineers, such as dactyloscopy, torpedo, and of course – the discoveries of Nikola Tesla. 

Croatia can be proud of its Museums and Art Galleries. Don’t miss them from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. 

Photo by Maja Danica Pečanić / CNTB 

Photo by Julien Duval / CNTB 

UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage of Croatia is one of the longest in comparison with other countries of the World. From dry stone walling to Lipizzan horse breeding traditions. It's worth participating in different folk festivals, some of them are also on the list of Intangible Heritage.

The influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the North and of the Venetian Republic in the South, in Dalmatia, is felt not only in architecture but also in traditions, including folk music, food, and costumes. You will enjoy Klapa – a form of traditional cappella singing with origins in Dalmatia. Music is everywhere.

There are more than 100 Castles and some of them have very special museums, taking us to the atmosphere of the 14th-18th centuries. Castles give you a sense of history, and the opportunity to witness another culture through the centuries. Visiting Baroque style Churches and Cathedrals, Monasteries, and Ethnographic museums – unforgettable experiences.

Due to the climate and moderate weather, Croatia is a great destination to visit vineyards and taste very special wine. If you are a wine lover, Croatia has 64 distinct grape types, over 800 wineries, and almost 20,000 registered winemakers.

Croatia is a unique destination due to more than 1000 islands, big and very small, but so popular for marine tourism. Private yachts from all over the World and organized Adriatic cruises are better to book in advance, as the demand is very high. The average number of tourists each year is about 20 mln.

Landscapes are breathtaking and adventure and sports lovers can enjoy hiking in the mountains, meeting wild animals, kayaking, and diving in mysterious caves of the Adriatic. Rural tourism has been developing rapidly during the last few years. 

Wellness Travel is developed perfectly in Croatia. Thalassotherapy in Opatja, hot springs of Zagorje, unique SPAs in luxury hotels, where you can purchase a Mediterranean-born line of premium cosmetics, made in Croatia. Resorts for families are very popular, with activities for kids and amusement parks. The staff of SPAs is well-trained and will offer a tailor-made program for rejuvenation. 

Forest Therapy in National Parks. Lakes, rivers, Mountains, beaches, unforgettable sunsets, truffle hunting, and fishing in clear water – all those gifts of Nature are waiting for you in Croatia. 

We would like to also mention the transportation. Bus terminals are perfectly organized and you have a lot of lines all over the country. In Dalmatia, they are mostly situated in the vicinity of the harbor.

You can choose any form of transport: car rental, scooter, bike, boat, taxi, bus. Ferry lines are perfect, connecting with islands.

We will help you to create an unforgettable tailor-made program, based on your priorities and aspirations. We will recommend where to stay, where to dine, and what you shouldn't miss

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